The WSX 60 stationary rolling mill was designed for those who need a rolling machine for continuous operation. For this purpose, all load-bearing machine elements have been made from high-grade materials that have been heat-treated (e.g. drive shafts made from C45 steel are treated to 40HRC hardness). The machine is intended for performance of cold bending operations. In its standard version, the machine is equipped with a set of modular rollers, thanks to which it is possible to roll steel products: from a flat bar with a thickness of 5 [mm] to a 50 x 50 x 3 [mm] profile. By applying bending rollers made from plastic, the machine can successfully operate on polished stainless steel profiles and non-ferrous metals.

The rolling mill’s drive powers all 3 bending rollers, with the possibility of disconnecting the active (top) roller. The active bending roller is pressed down by means of a bolt (WSX 60) or hydraulic actuator (WSX60h).