SAKOMET is a company whose history began in 1990. Its foundations are built on many generations of tradition and many years of experience. Over the years, the range of rendered services has been expanded, improving and raising the effectiveness of the production system.  Today, this company, based on traditional values, is also investing in innovative technologies and highly qualified staff to achieve the objective of continuous development and improvement of quality.


Starting from fitting, through machining, and ending with repair services, SAKOMET renders the entire range of specialized services related to metalworking (welding, turning, bending, boring, milling, etc.) and machine repair, and the company has recently expanded in a completely new direction: furniture for industrial and personal interiors. SAKOMET is hard evidence that anything can be done with metal.





1995 Opening of a separate department dealing with the purchase of steel and non-ferrous scrap metal
1998 Expansion of the plant’s area with an additional lot with a surface area of 10300m2, intended for further expansion of the plant
2000 Acquisition of a machine park from the former “Biafamar – Wytwórnia Maszyn Rolniczych” plants. Opening of the precise machining department.  Specialization in completing orders for spare machine parts, including for carpentry machinery, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, transportation equipment, etc.
2005 Custom design of a machine for tying and removing branches from forests was distinguished in the TECHNIK 2005 competition
2006 Commencement of the construction of an office building with an area of 300 m2 and a production hall with an area of 700 m2
2007 Commencement of the production of light steel structures for customers such as Pilkilkton, Hydros
2008 The company takes advantage of EU co-financing for purchasing modern machinery, i.e. CNC bending brake and CNC plasma cutter
2009 Commencement of production of a tri-roller bending machine (custom design) for bending of pipes and sections
2010 Commencement of cooperation with the advertising and interior decoration industries. Execution of international projects.
2012 Purchase of CNC turning lathes and millers.
2013 Purchase of new machines and expansion of staff
2014 Renovation of the hall and creation of a plan to expand the plant and machine park.
2015 Commencement of cooperation with the Białystok University of Technology within the framework of a project implementing innovative solutions in industry